EXCLUSIVE: ZywOo about the victory over Cloud9: "It was a tough game"

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EXCLUSIVE: cadiaN about Heroic’s comeback on Vertigo: «In the heart I realized that this is maybe my last game in the Heroic jersey»

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EXCLUSIVE: jL about the victory over NiP and w0nderful's game

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EXCLUSIVE: mezii: "We can win all major tournaments"

Vitality player William mezii Merriman talked with Players Editor-in-Chief Alex Kharchenko after defeating FaZe in […]

EXCLUSIVE: broky on FaZe's winning streak: "We always say we won't win the next game"

FaZe sniper Helvijs broky Saukants gave an interview to Players correspondent Sofiia Pikhalo after defeating...

EXCLUSIVE: James Banks: "My heart always say NAVI but if you want raw analyst predictions, I probably choose Complexity"

An esports presenter and interviewer James Banks exclusively for Players gave his predictions for today's...

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EXCLUSIVE: rain: "The win streak continues"
FaZe rifler Havard rain Nygaard talked to Players correspondent Sofiia Pikhalo after the victory over......
EXCLUSIVE: flameZ on the victory over Heroic: «I don't think they played badly, but they just didn't have enough practice»
Team Vitality player Shahar flameZ Shushan gave a short interview to Players correspondent Sofia Pikhalo......
w0nderful: "I'm a new player so don't compare me to s1mple"
NAVI sniper Ihor w0nderful Zhdanov talked with Players' correspondent Sofiia Pikhalo during the BLAST Premier......
EXCLUSIVE: alex, NIP: "headtr1ck is a hard worker and I think he has a great talent to be with the greatest"
The Players editorial team continues to work on the BLAST Premier Fall Final 2023 media......
headtr1ck about NiPs new captain and updated NAVI roster
The Players is already working on the BLAST Premier Fall Final 2023 media day. Ninjas......
EXCLUSIVE: James Banks about Guild's signing of the Bad News Eagles and his role in the team
James Banks, the consultant of CS2's Bad News Eagles, exclusively talked with Players about the......
Monte is forming a Dota 2 team
The Ukrainian esports organisation Monte is forming a Dota 2 roster. According to our sources,......
EXCLUSIVE: Ukrainian authorities are considering to recognize the russian esports federation and its legalizing IESF as a terrorist organization and one that supports terrorism
According to the sources of Players familiar with the situation, russian esports federation and IESF......
13 countries join UESF in condemning the return of Russians to the international esports community
The esports federations of Ukraine and 13 other IESF member countries issued a joint statement......
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