mezii: “The first map was a bit slow to start, we were a bit sleepy, we weren't fully there”

Олексій Харченко

Players Editor-In-Chief Alex Kharchenko talked with Vitality player William mezii Merriman at BLAST Premier Spring Final 2024.

Let’s discuss the first map. You were winning 4-1 and then you lost 11 in a row. What happened?

I think on the CT side we had a lot of chances to close it out. I think they did two or three nades, and we got two instant kills or trades instantly, and then it fell apart. So I think there were some big rounds in the middle of that half where on the CT side we really could have closed out because we lost a few of the clutches, and there were a few rounds we should have won, but unfortunately we didn't close them out.

So they started to get the momentum and if you give FaZe a momentum that’s a problem. It's sometimes hard to stop them, and I think they showed that. I think our communication and energy started a bit low, and we weren't fully there.

So it wasn't us, and then we just had a talk after the first map and just said, like, come on. We don't often always get to play on stage, especially in the UK. It's fun, so we just need to make sure we give everything we can and just take it to the next map.

You mentioned that in the first map that you were not connected to the server.


Was it because of the emotions playing in the UK crowd?

No, I think overall it's a bit unusual for us, especially on stage.

I think in group stage games sometimes we can start a bit slower, and we can struggle to get the momentum back, but I think on the stage usually we're pretty good starting strong, being aggressive and playing our game. 

But I think today, like I say, we started still decently well, winning a few rounds, but then they kind of clawed it back, and we just needed that wake-up call, and unfortunately we lost the first map, and that's what we needed to get woken up. apEX as well did a great job as the leader to just say, like, we need to fucking go now and step up.

What were you talking about during the break between two maps? 

It always depends on how the map went. Sometimes it's a tactical thing where we need to be better at trading or something, but sometimes it's something to do with the energy. 

What about today?

Today was definitely to do with the energy. After the first map, apEX and XTQZZ said, we need to be louder to each other, we need to be more powerful in our voices.

More aggressive and just speak a bit louder, because I think we were a bit quiet with the comms. I think on the second and the third map we were there, making sure we allowed our communication, we were taking initiative and being more aggressive. The first map was a bit slow to start, we were a bit sleepy, we weren't fully there. I think between maps we said we need to be 100% and we were there after the break. 

Talking about the crowd, I know that's just a Friday 4 p.m., that's too early for London. How are you feeling, playing in the UK? 

I heard it's going to be pretty packed on Saturday, but I think even for this game today it was still a great feeling, being able to play in front of the home crowd and just doing the entrance out on the stage. When Banks calls your name and you hear the crowd, it feels a bit different inside compared to other stages. It was definitely a fun one to play, and I'm just looking forward to doing it again.

On the last map, flameZ did amazing stats. What can you say about his performance? 

Yeah, I mean, flameZ does it a lot. flamEZ is playing well, you know we're going to win because he's so impactful in the frags he makes. He's so aggressive, he takes a lot of entries, and I think he started today a lot of crazy, even sometimes clutches, where he's just getting multi-kills. It's a really good performance from him, and I don't doubt him for a second. I knew he was always going to play this good.

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