BOROS: “I received an offer from NAVI”

Софія Піхало

Falcons player Mohammad BOROS Malhas gave an interview to Players reporter Sofia sonyapixxel Pikhalo.

We finally met back after the Major in Paris. Do you see your new team Falcons, as a long-term project? 

Yes, I see it as a long-term project. From the beginning, they promised me that they would bring in new players and it would be good for the future so I decided to join them. 

A lot of people have high hopes for this roster. What about you? 

Of course, I have high hopes because I have one of the best IGLs in the world and one of the best anchors in the world as well. I’m excited for the future. I think we are doing good. We are just the new team, we are working on the new data. We are going good now. 

You come to Falcons on June 2023. Did you receive any offers from other teams, except the Falcons, when playing for Monte? 

Yes, I received offers from 3-4 teams other than Falcons. I received an offer from EG, NAVI and another Tier-1 team. 

Are you happy with the result at IEM Katowice 2024 so far? 

Yes, I’m happy, but at the beginning when we lost to Eternal Fire, it was a bit shaky. We went back to practice rooms and worked so hard, fixed our stuff so yes, I’m happy now. 

Boros in Monte and Boros in Falcons are still 2 different players. Here is a quote from your ex-teammate: "I think he will never again show the same potential as with us because no one will understand how to use him" - Woro2k. How wrong was Woro? 

We are still a new team. I just need a good in-game leader. I didn’t have the best in-game leader when I joined the Falcons and team as well. Now I have everything to prove that I can do it again without Monte.  

What were your emotions after qualifying for the Spodek arena at the first serious tournament with the Falcons?

It means a lot to us because we don’t want to come, lose the first two games and just go out. It means that we have a great future together. 

How did the Falcons manage to beat Navi so confidently?

As I said we are just fixing every mistake we had during our last games. We are better every next game. We are just improving every game and it showed. 

Was a win against NAVI a surprise for you? 

Of course, they are top 3 now and they are winning a lot but we trust ourselves that we can beat anyone. 

What are the goals for the Falcons this year?

We talked about it. Our goal is to win at least two big events and win a Major at the end of 2024. 

What was your "worst scenario” for this event, when you wouldn't be disappointed?

Maybe, lose to NAVI. 

What’s your personal goal at IEM Katowice 2024? 

We already achieved one goal - getting to the playoffs. My personal goal is to reach the final, as I think that against ENCE we have a very big chance to win.  

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