EXCLUSIVE: UESF bans w0nderful, zont1x, Mira and Yatoro

Олексій Харченко

Ukrainian Esports Federation issued a ban to four more professional esports players. Players learned about this from our own source at UESF, familiar with the situation. These players are prohibited from participating in Ukrainian tournaments under the auspices of the UESF and representing Ukraine on the international stage.

Dota 2 Team Spirit players Myroslav Mira Kolpakov and Ilya Yatoro Mylarchuk, as well as Myroslav zont1x Plahotnia from CS:GO roster of this organization, were banned. Sprout player Ihor w0nderful Zhdanov, who used to play for TS, was also banned.

The UESF made this decision due to the fact that eSportsmen played official matches with russians in the same lineup after the start of a full-scale war in Ukraine. The ban was issued only now because the federation started a wave of checks and saw that there was no activity from these 4 players in support of our fellow citizens.

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