Grand Theft Auto Series: A Ranking of All Significant Cities

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The release of Grand Theft Auto 6 has been confirmed by its developer: Rockstar Games for the following year i.e., 2025. And, thanks to the GTA 6 trailer that made its public debut last December, GTA community will be making a time travel to the past, i.e.Vice City, with this new GTA iteration. Furthermore, considering the fact that the map is one of the best parts of any Grand Theft Auto game, it makes complete sense that fans want Vice City to offer the best version of the map to the maximum extent possible. 

GTA 3D Entries Are A Source Of Infinite Entertainment

How will it fare against other cities in the mainline Grand Theft Auto games? There is no doubt in the fact that the 3D entries of GTA have been a source of infinite entertainment, and not to mention, the cities that featured in it, are always vast and exhaustive in nature, with countless things to explore so many years after it made its public debut. 

Meanwhile, while GTA fans are eagerly awaiting for Grand Theft Auto 6's public release, it will be a nice thing to time travel and have a look at GTA maps from the past GTA iterations to decide where Vice City can do a better job in GTA 6, when it comes to expansion and improvement. For GTA fans on the lookout for cheap GTA 5 modded accounts, try CSGOSmurfNinja for industry-competitive prices. 

GTA Legacy: A Ranking of the Series' Most Impressive Cities

1. Ludendorff : GTA 5 

Situated in the state of North Yankton is a small rural county by the name: Ludendorff. Despite not meeting the standards of a city, Ludendorff still possesses a huge potential when it comes to the three-dimensional environments of GTA. This location came to public attention very first time during the intro mission for GTA 5, and features the biggest rodent in the Midwest. Going into further detail, this small town has some churches, Ammu-Nations, and liquor stores, apart from being home to the resident Eddie Joyner, who claims to have the biggest radish in North Yankton. 

When players first arrive at Ludendorff, twice in the game, it is more often cold, dark, and snowy. Talking about its roads, there are certain restrictions on long roads, and adding to that, you will encounter a secret extraterrestrial in the frozen lake, contributing its part to the weird easter eggs of Grand Theft Auto. To the dissatisfaction of gamers, one cannot explore North Yankton to its full extent, in other words, there is not much to this map that the GTA community can have fun with. Additionally, if you want to explore Ludendorff in your GTA 5 account, then try GTA 5 online modded accounts on sale by CSGO Smurf Ninja. 

2. Alderney City : GTA 4

Holding the title of being a major city in the State of Alderney, this busy and huge metropolitan area serves as the CBD (central business district). Not to mention, this location is common in three GTA iterations: GTA 4, The Ballad of Gay Tony, and The Lost and Damned, where they also feature the fan favourite characters: Roman Bellic and Niko. Furthermore, because of being the urban hotspot of Alderney, this city has become the largest and most densely populated location with 300,000 occupants at any time of the day. 

Not to mention, exploring this city will boost a distinctive life of varying cultures and ethnicities. Over and above that, with high rises, and skyscrapers, Alderney City can at times feel threatening for its scope. But despite all that, it is a nice location when we are talking about an engaging cityscape in the scope of a video game. In case you desire more detailed information in this regard, then visit the webpage: CSGOSmurfNinja, these are the same people who deal in cheap GTA 5 modded accounts as well. 

3. San Fierro : GTA: San Andreas

Coming from GTA: San Andreas, San Fierro is inspired by the real-world location of San Francisco, California, USA. This is partly because San Andreas is an imaginary state that makes fun of California. Further, San Fierro also includes Gant Bridge, a precise homage to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. 

Being the 2nd city that players engage within GTA: San Andreas, San Fierro has a huge population density. San Fierro is also connected with Las Venturas and Los Santos. Furthermore, if you want to explore San Fierro in your Grand Theft Auto 5 to the best extent possible, then try GTA 5 online modded accounts from CSGO Smurf Ninja. 

Final Words

As is the trend, here we will part our ways for today, with a brief summary, of all that we have learned today. To begin with, the GTA 6 trailer that went public last December made it clear that GTA fans will travel back to Vice City with the new GTA series. Not to mention, GTA 3D entries offer an infinite source of entertainment to GTA fans. Last but not least, the ranking of the GTA series most impressive cities. 

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