IESF allowed russian eSports teams to compete in international competitions with flag and hymn

Олексій Харченко

The International eSports Federation (IESF) allowed russians to compete in their tournaments under their flag and hymn. This is reported by russian sources.

According to the news, 32 delegates supported this decision, 13 opposed it, and 25 abstained. Also, according to rumours, the proposal of the Ukrainian eSports Federation (UESF) to suspend russia's membership in the IESF was rejected at the meeting.

We are waiting for an official press release from the IESF. Here's an official statement by UESF.

"Despite all the protests and efforts of the Ukrainian Federation to prevent it, the IESF managed to return russians to its tournaments and lift the ban on the use of the flag and hymn.

We see in this a corruption component and bribery of delegates' votes, because the international federation is already mired in corruption scandals.

We will protest this decision in court and fight for a re-vote on this issue.

But we want to add - this does not mean the return of orcs to the Federation of Europe, from which we stopped their membership with the joint efforts of most European federations!

Yes, today is a tactical defeat, but the war continues!"

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