w0nderful: "I'm a new player so don't compare me to s1mple"

Олексій Харченко

NAVI sniper Ihor w0nderful Zhdanov talked with Players' correspondent Sofiia Pikhalo during the BLAST Premier Fall Final 2023 media day.

How was your bootcamp with NAVI? Are there any differences from bootcamps with previous teams?

The bootcamp was great, but there are no differences. It's practically the same in every team.

Was it easy for you to adapt to B1ad3's style?

I can't comment on that right now because I need a lot of time. But as of now, it's 50/50.

What surprised you about working with Andrii?

It was surprising that he understands everything not only in the game, but also in psychology and life.

Does he act as a personal coach for you?

I can say so, yes.

How was your work with Ursula Klimczak?

Great, we talked to her twice and I think she is a very good psychologist.

What's the atmosphere in the team now?

Playful and cool.

Have you reached a full understanding of NAVI game?

I think so.

What are your minimum goals for this tournament?

I don't have such goals, they appear during the tournament.

How far do you want to go with the team?

I don't know. We will see how it's going.

Besides FaZe, who do you think are the favourites for the tournament?

Vitality, because besides them, no one plays at this level.

Your first match against C9, are you ready for the match?

I think we are ready. But two weeks of bootcamp is very little time to prepare. But I think we will show our game.

You are at NAVI under contract, right?


Have you discussed with NAVI management the plan of action if s1mple decides to return?

I can't comment on that.

Do you feel pressured to replace s1mple?

I'm a new player, so don't need to compare me.

Do you pay attention to some negativity towards you from the Ukrainian community because you played for Spirit?

I used to pay attention to it, but it's been a long time and it's gone. I see something, but it does not affect me in any way.

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