Brollan: "I want to play for MOUZ. It’s fun at the moment but I don’t know what the future holds"

Денис Забарний

MOUZ player Ludvig Brollan Brolin talked with Players reporter Denis D3str0_o Zabarny before the start of the IEM Katowice 2024 CS2 playoffs.

Congratulations on passing to the playoffs. You played in different teams. What went wrong with NIP? 

I would say different things went in the wrong way. Many roster changes didn’t go well. As for the roles, we didn’t have support roles in a team. Especially after CS2 release. You need to be comfortable with all teammates and everything that goes around but I felt that I wasn’t so comfortable with roles as I didn’t play the roles I usually play.  

What has changed now in MOUZ, considering that your statistics improved?

Everyone knows what they are doing in their roles. Everyone helps each other in the game and I get a lot of help, like how I want to play the game. There’s so much support around. I think the most important is that everyone knows what they are doing in their roles and tries to adapt. I know what I’m doing. 

You are currently on loan, do you want to continue your career with MOUZ as a full-roster player? 

Obviously, I want to play for them. It’s really fun at the moment but I don’t know what the future holds. Hopefully, I will play more after the major. I don’t know yet but hopefully. 

How is to work with sycrone? What are the main suggestions are you getting from the coach?

He is a very good coach. He’s a statistics-type of a coach. He’s really helpful with everything. He’s communicating with us a lot during the practice. He’s good at adapting to things, what we need to improve and plan for the game. I’m really impressed with how he can do anything.  

You will play against FaZe or G2. What will you say about these teams? What team did you consider a better opponent for you? 

I think it’s more fun to play FaZe. The boys in my team want to play frozen because he’s maybe a rival for them. I think G2 want to get revenge for everything as FaZe beat them a couple of times. It’s 50/50 for me, I don’t care who I’m playing. It’s more fun to play against FaZe because of karrigan. 

What are your goals for IEM Katowice 2024?

We had a goal - to reach the playoffs first of all. Now we should go step by step. I think we can win everything and we will try to do it. 

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