EXCLUSIVE: GeT_RiGhT: “Maybe I’m going to wait long or maybe not but I’m pretty confident that we will see s1mple back”

Софія Піхало

Christopher GeT_RiGhT Alesund, a legendary CS player, talked with Players reporter Sofiia Pikhalo about Heroic loss, NAVI’s new roster and Monte’s current performance. 

Why do you think Heroic lost their game? 

Heroic was just completely missing. The team play and individual level, and communication. I think everything just felt bad. Mostly because they are the number one team in the world for team play. This match was one of the few times I’ve seen that team basically disappear on the stage. It was weird to see, to be honest.  

What do you think about NAVI’s new roster? 

The NAVI roster is very interesting mostly because of the players in it. I’m looking forward to see them in CS2. I think they will be struggling a little bit in the beginning because of the different personalities and setup of the team. I’m waiting patiently. Maybe I’m going to wait long or maybe not but I’m pretty confident that we will see s1mple back. 

I have a question about Monte's performance. What can you tell about them and how can you rate their performance in IEM Cologne 2023? 

Monte is such an interesting product because it’s one of the few Ukrainian teams left when NAVI changed their roster. It’s just amazing to see the talent and what sdy is doing with a team with his experience. The performance here in Cologne wasn’t the best compared to the Major, for example. At the same time, they also swiped out some of the players. I’m expecting some great results in the future because it’s a very interesting team. They have a way different playstyle compared to other teams nowadays. I’m looking forward to see what they can cook up in CS2. 

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