EXCLUSIVE: mezii: "We can win all major tournaments"

Олексій Харченко

Vitality player William mezii Merriman talked with Players Editor-in-Chief Alex Kharchenko after defeating FaZe in the BLAST Premier Fall Final 2023 grand final.

Amazing game. What does it mean for you as it's your first big experience and trophy?

Yeah, now it's a release thinking. Maybe tonight or in a couple of days I will really feel it and look back at the game. I'm super happy that everyone stepped up and as I said te fight and the mentality are insane in this team. Everyone know how to win, they've done it before and now I'm here and won my first event which is really good.

You are happy to be at Vitality. What can you say about your teammates, what can you about apEX who was very emotional during the game and tournament?

Everyone in the team is doing the great role. My individual performance wasn't the best this tournament but everyone helps so well in the team, making sure I'm feeling comfortable in my roles. We know it's going to take some time but everyone is doing an amazing game. apEX is just an insane leader even outside the game as well. As I said he's very emotional, helping the team and doing his job. When you have all these individuals in the server, doing their job and killing everyone, it makes lazy for me.

Did you imagine that it will be such a quick game? 2:0, close on the second map but overall it was quick.

I know that on the first one we were definitely comfortable. They are team that previously banned Vertigo, at least at CS:GO. We know it's going to take them some time to at least to get used to the map. We very comfortable at Vertigo.

As for the Nuke, even on previous game, we let the second map go. Unfortunately they were much better on the first half. We knew that we have to be competitive during the first half. We had 5 rounds and it was really important. At the same time, going to the second half we know that our T-side is strong. It was a tough game but I'm just happy that we did.

What's the next for you and Vitality right now? What would you do right now, just 5 min after the interview?

To be honest, hoping all things sink in, enjoy the moment because it will be the memory forever, winning your first Tier 1 tournament will be huge memory for me, so let it all sink a little bit.

So the next Katowice for you, any predictions? Do you want another trophy?

Yeah, I mean we will try to win as many as we can, like Vitality used to will all big tournaments. I think now it's my turn, so hopefully we can do some more with Vitality, but like I say we can win all big tournaments. We definitely gonna play to do so. I shown here and it's just a couple of weeks practice and just with some more time we even going to be even better.

Thanks man, congrats!


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