frozen: «I think even if the crowd is going to be against us we are just going to silence them»

Софія Піхало

FaZe player David frozen Čerňanský gave an interview to Players reporter Sofiia sonyapixxel Pikhalo.

Congratulations with play-offs. Which of your teammates was shining the brightest on this IEM?

First of all, thank you. I would say everyone, you know Robin, Ropz, stepped up, I stepped up, broky stepped up, Rain, even karrigan had his moment. So far I don’t think there was anyone taking over. From us it was a team effort.

What can you say about Katowice as a tournament? 

One of the biggest and most important tournaments in CS. It’s the first time I will actually play in front of the arena. For me it’s a dream come true because last time I was walking through this halls I was anonymous player, I was here as a fan, I was actually watching FaZe playing. It’s amazing to play here.

Are you nervous to play in front of arena?

Maybe a little bit, to be honest, but I’m going to enjoy it. It's my first time in Spodek, I’ve never played in front of this crowd. I’ve played in front of a few crowds already. It’s going to be a new experience. I think I will enjoy it, you know put up a good show.

What can you say about your group and opponents?

People can say it was easy but at the end of a day it was sometimes harder to play with underdogs, because you always expected to beat them. We played against Eternal Fire, which was a tough game. Went to 3 maps, lost a lot of force buys in that game. They played a lot of fire, to be honest, they were shooting hard as well. I’m just happy we closed them up. From now on, there are not going to be any easy matches. When we lost to Spirit, we didn’t really show up that day, I would say. I think FaZe will be shining in the play-offs. 

You have 30 points difference in HLTV rating with Vitality. How do you feel about the fact that your closest opponent was defeated?

I think it’s CS after all, At some tournaments there are upsets happening. Obviously sucks that Vitality is no longer here. Because after all that will be like the battle for N1/N2.. but there are still great teams here. It’s not like know we have a free win or anything like that. We lost to Spirit other day, we gonna play G2, there were MOUZ winning in another match. Still a lot of great teams ahead of us. We just need to show up and shoot hard.

We are now in Poland, so Spodek will obviously cheer for ENCE and MOUZ. How will you deal with this pressure?

We have NEO (proudly smiling). We have NEO and karrigan who are crowd favorites in almost every tournament. I think even if the crowd is going to be against us we are just going to silence them.

Have you seen the new CS2 update? What do you think about CS2 development level overall?

Yes, I played a bit this morning. Got up early to, you know, shoot some kills.

It feels a little more sharper than it felt last night before I went to sleep. I would just evolve in this direction, keep working in this direction. Obviously I think it’s easier said than done. Before I would rate a game 6/10, today 7,5/10 so it’s slowly growing I would say.

7,5/10 and you already have a case? New case?

Oh, I already opened some.

What did you get?

Nothing, only blue. 

Your next game is against G2. These guys didn't have a strong start but they made it to Spodek. How do you feel about this game, will it be 2-0, or…

I think it’s going to be 3 maps. I know Faze/G2 history, some close games, some good clutches. I expect a good game. As you said they had a rough start, we had as well a rough start, so I think both teams will show up on that day.

You and NEO both new for the team, you have played for FaZe for only 2 months, NEO - 6 months. Do you feel that other teammates are helping you?

For me, as a player and in my position - everyone is helping. If I want to do something, if I have some concerns, there are people around me who I can always question about the stuff. Everyone is very helpful. I think the reason why I’m doing what I’m doing is because of my teammates. 

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