IKLA CEO Maksym Bednarskyi: "A top 10 team send us an official request for Kvem yesterday. He refused to even talk to them"

Олексій Харченко

The CEO of the Ukrainian esports organization IKLA, Maksym Bednarsky, talked with Players Editor-In-Chief Alex Kharchenko about the decision to make two rosters and the potential transfer of Kvem.

What caused the decision to make two rosters?

We wanted to keep all the players from the previous team who were able to qualify for the IESF and Challenger. We also want to support the Ukrainian scene in difficult times. The decision to switch to an international team was made after the last RMR, but the right moment for this was in this transfer window.

Which team will be preferred if there is a potential conflict of interest on RMR?

The team will actually be stronger.

The Ukrainian community reacted quite negatively to the information that Kvem was not for sale. How did the player react to such a position of the club?

A top 10 team send us an official request for Kwem yesterday. He refused to even talk to them. This team has no partner slots and lost 2 key players this transfer window. Vlad understands that it's not the transfer he wants. If a team that he likes agrees with us on the terms, no one will hold Vlad by force! I'm only interested in motivated players. Currently, Vlad wants to play in IKLA.

He has a formula in his contract that calculates his maximum transfer value depending on his salary, the number of months left on the contract and the coefficient of his impact on the team. Negotiations will be conducted within the framework of this amount. As you understand, the less he has left on the contract, the lower this price. I want to emphasize that this year we improved his conditions and extended the contract until the end of 2025.

Has the budget grown significantly, taking into account the fact that such players as misutaaa are being tested?

The budget from the tests did not increase, but if we want to go to the major and compete with the best, then there must be an appropriate budget.

Does the club plan to enter other esports disciplines?

So far, we don't see any disciplines that are interesting to us, but we follow all esports and if there is a good opportunity, we won't miss it.

Which organizations were interested in Kvem? Many assume it's NAVI, how true is that?

NAVI didn't send an official request. Vlad is a very strong player, several teams were interested in him, but I won't name these teams. I will say that several top teams were interested in him.

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