torzsi: “We got lucky to beat Vitality but went to the final as confident as we can”

Софія Піхало

MOUZ player Adam torzsi Torzsas gave an interview to Players reporter Sofiia Pikhalo.

Congratulations on the win. How's the team feeling right now? 

Thank you for the congratulations. It feels amazing. We are really proud and happy. We are just really happy with the progress we are making at the moment. Also in this tournament losing one map or two maps is a pretty good performance. We are just incredibly happy and proud. And yeah, back-to-back champions, it feels amazing. 

You didn't lose any maps today. How do you feel confident today? Was the final easy for you?  

We were really confident today. And we tried to focus on ourselves, on our strengths. I feel like they also didn't play really well. I don't think they played to their best. So I guess we kind of got lucky. But yeah, we just went to the final as confident as we can. We showed that we can beat Vitality. 

Now you have two wins in the Intel Grand Slam. Next time you will be playing in Dallas. What can we expect from Mouz? 

We are not paying attention to the Grand Slam. I don't think we are too close to that yet. Of course, Dallas is coming up and if we win Dallas and win Cologne, I think we will have it.

But we are not really focusing on that. We didn't talk about it. It's not in our eyesight at the moment. We will try to go as prepared as we can to Dallas and try to win it. But we will see what the future holds. 

Jimpphat in our last interview told us that ESL Pro League S19 was a really important tournament Mouz. Was it because you won it in the previous season? 

Yes, it is because we won it last time. Also, we really like to play here. It is a nice country. It is a nice island. We love being here in Malta.

It is also important for us. I think it’s the first time that one organisation won the ESL Pro League two times. So yeah, I'm just happy that I could help Mouz make it.

Do you feel boosted here in Malta? How did the magic happened?

No, I wouldn't say we were boosted. It's just the team chemistry. We really enjoy our time here.

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